What do we do

We offer innovative solutions to small and medium businesses, so that they will survive and thrive in this rapidly changing digital and mobile world.


We recognise that the pressures on businesses around the world are increasing.  Markets are crowded; margins are squeezed.  New challenges pop up seemingly overnight on all fronts.  Consumer trends are playing an integral part in the way we buy, sell, learn, work, play and communicate.  Large organisations are increasingly speeding up their capacity to innovate – thus posing greater competition and vulnerability on small to medium sized businesses.


We are living through an era of unprecedented change.



Adapt or Die?

Businesses that ignore the need for change are burying their head in the sand.  Not only will the problems not go away, the competition will also rush ahead and win the business race.  You simply can’t afford to sit still and hope for the best.


Transforming how you do business is imperative.  Doing so sooner rather than later will give you an advantage over your competition.  That is an advantage where the window is closing quickly.  You must act fast.  Making the transition is easier and less expensive than you think.


Only the businesses that are reaping the benefits of their early adoption of innovation will survive and thrive.



We can save your business

You don’t have to grapple with the problems on your own.


ITBITS is here to:

  • Make a difference
  • Find out what matters most in making your business successful
  • Think differently!




  • We offer a complete, comprehensive, and holistic framework for enacting your strategic business imperatives.
  • We will spur the generation and uptake of digital and mobile solutions to drive your business transformation onto a digitized platform.
  •  We can transform your technology strategy from a focus of “built to last” to “built to change”.
  • We sort the wheat from the chaff so that you know what is critical for your business, and what is just a temporary flavour of the month.
  • We will increase productivity by shedding mundane hodge-podge tasks, and systemize or automate your business processes.
  • We will create continuing value for your customers, opening entirely new revenue streams, and therefore spiking loyalty and sales.
  • We offer the best combination of low cost, agile development and advanced expertise to improve your Return on Investment (ROI).
  • We save you time and money, by being a one-stop shop to optimize the project delivery from conception through to implementation  –  “Do things once and do it right, from the beginning”.
  • We change mindsets from why stuff couldn’t get done, to providing options and solutions for doing it.
  • We lower the barrier of entry for small to medium businesses to adopt new innovative technology.
  • We are partnered with teams of experts and high calibre people who are driven to revolutionize the way businesses operate and produce amazing results.


“Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been”                  ~ Wayne Gretsky


Contact ITBits today to have your business thrive in the digital space!

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